Autumn and Winter
  • Grey trousers/Grey knee-length skirt/Pinafore
  • Pale blue shirt/Blouse
  • Royal blue pullover/Cardigan with an embroidered school emblem
  • Grey/White socks/Grey tights
  • Tie
  • Black sensible footwear (not trainers or boots)

As winter, although a pale blue polo shirt may be worn with grey skirt, shorts, pinafore or trousers or a blue and white gingham dress.

PE Kit
  • Navy blue shorts/Royal Blue Joggers
  • Yellow polo shirt/Royal Blue School Hoodie
  • Black elasticated pumps / trainers for outside
  • Drawstring PE bag

Children must not wear jewellery (e.g. ear rings, ear studs, rings and bracelets) other than watches.

  • Hair should be tied back with a plain hair band in either blue, white or black only. Children are permitted to wear a thin plain head band in either blue, white or black only.
  • No other hair accessories are permitted.
Order your Uniform

The Uniform & Leisurewear Company is open from 9:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Saturday, however if you are unable to visit them during these hours please contact Vicki on the number below, as they are more than happy to arrange a more convenient time.

Tel: 01524 388355 Fax: 01524 388814

The Uniform & Leisurewear Company Limited
15 Common Garden Street

(Opposite Marketgate Car Park)





Pupils in the Reception class are encouraged to have a pair of wellingtons and a waterproof coat in school so that they can enjoy their outdoor learning environment even in light rainy conditions.


Please ensure that your child comes adequately prepared for swimming, games and PE.

Children should not come to school in trainers or boots.  Shoes/sandals should not have high heels.  Parents are requested to mark all items of clothing worn or brought to school by the children.