NameGovernor CategoryDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeAppointed byRelevant Business & InterestsGovernor Role in Other Educational ConstitutionsRelationship Between Governor School or StaffCommittee Attendance 20/21Full Governor Meeting Attendance 20/21
Dr J GrabowskiFoundation ChairSeptember 20194 yearsLancaster DioceseNoneNoneNoneStaffing & Finance (Autumn) Curriculum & Admissions (Autumn)Autumn
Rev Fr P Sayer Parish PriestFoundation Vice ChairSeptember 20194 yearsLancaster DioceseNoneNoneNoneCurriculum & Admissions Autumn
Mrs J MurphyFoundationSeptember 20194 yearsLancaster DioceseNoneNoneNoneCurriculum & Admissions Autumn
Miss K SeddonFoundationMarch 20184 yearsLancaster DioceseNoneNoneNiece to Mr J DalgleishCurriculum & Admissions Staffing & Finance
Mr P WyreFoundationMarch 20184 yearsLancaster DioceseNoneNoneNoneCurriculum & Admissions Buildings/Health & Safety
Mrs N WhiteStaffSeptember 20174 yearsStaffNonwNoneNoneCurriculum & Admissions, (Autumn) Staffing & Finance (Autumn) Buildings/Health & Safety (Autumn)Autumn
Dr B StarlingParentSeptember 20174 yearsParentNoneNoneNoneCurriculum & Admissions (Autumn)Autumn
Mrs M ToParentSeptember 20174 yearsParentNoneNoneNoneBuildings/Health & Safety (Autumn) Curriculum & Admissions (Autumn)
Mr J DalgleishLocal AuthoritySeptember 20184 yearsLocal AuthorityNoneNoneUncle to Miss K SeddonBuildings (Autumn) Staffing & Finance (Autumn)Autumn
Miss R BurkeEx OfficeSeptember 2020GovernorsNoneNoneNoneBuildings, (Autumn) Staffing & Finance, (Autumn) Curriculum & Admissions (Autumn)Autumn