Headteacher’s Welcome

On behalf of all the staff and children I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to you and thank you for visiting our school website today.

To be the Headteacher of this very special school is both a privilege and an honour. I hope that through your virtual visit; whether you are a parent, a prospective parent or a professional, you are able to gain an insight into school life at our welcoming, busy and friendly school.


We are all very proud of St Bernadette’s and the loving, faithful community to which we belong. At St Bernadette’s our mission is celebrate the dignity, worth and uniqueness of everybody in our school community and therefore at St Bernadette’s each and every member of our school is valued for the contribution and talents they bring. Together we strive for the very best in everything we do; whether it be in our teaching, our learning or the many other activities and opportunities on offer.

St Bernadette’s, is a rich learning community, underpinned by faith, where we are aspirational and driven to achieve the very best for ourselves and each other, so that we may serve others to the best of our abilities. We are driven to do so in order to become the person God created us to be.

At St Bernadette’s all aspects of our school life are rooted in Gospel values. As a school family we selected Gospel values which reflect our school and our ethos the most. We all promote these values by our words and deeds, in our learning and in the daily life visible all around our school.



As Headteacher, I am fortunate to have a talented and hardworking staff who provide an outstanding quality of care and education. Who dedicate themselves to ensuring that all our children are expertly cared for and inspired to learn. Who encourage our children to know more and remember more. Who empower our children to develop high aspirations to achieve excellent results both now and in the future.

As a successful school community, we continue to develop and enjoy effective partnerships with parents and carers, our governors, our parish and the local community who all play such an important roles in our wonderful school.

As Headteacher at St Bernadette’s, I am always impressed and immensely proud of our children, they really are wonderful. Our children have exemplary behaviour, manners and are welcoming of everyone. We, and they, are mindful that one day they will leave St Bernadette’s and some day go on to shape the future.  Their future selves will need to be resilient, deep thinkers, considerate of others and confident in problem solving and decision making – all skills we will have helped them to develop throughout their time at St Bernadette’s

If you have any further questions or queries, or if you would like to visit St Bernadette’s please contact us at school, all contact details can be found on the contact page of the website.