British Values


All pupils are taught the value of democracy (eg The Parliament Education Service visits and Parliament Resource Pack) and the right for everyone to have their say in the decision making process. Elections for the School Council are held every September using Lancaster City Council ballot boxes and the School Council visit The Town hall to attend a council meeting to see democracy in action. Visitors to the school have included the Mayor of Lancaster who informs the children of their role in promoting democracy.

The school curriculum and assemblies are used to teach the children the value of democracy and inspirational leaders (Ghandi, N Mandela, Martin Luther King, M Yousafzai) who have made a difference in their countries and promoted democracy.

Respect for each other

All pupils are taught to value and respect each other no matter what our differences may be. This is done through our daily actions, assemblies and through the curriculum eg each class presents a weekly Courtesy Award which we state is just as important as academic achievement.

We believe that the high standards we set for our school uniform instils a collective sense of respect, pride, belonging and togetherness (despite our cultural differences) for our school community.

Individual Liberty

All pupils are taught the value of individual liberty as an important British value to be cherished by all members of our community.

This is promoted in many ways such as in the curriculum (eg in RE we promote the universal Gospel values of love, care, tolerance and forgiveness),our daily actions (eg encouraging children to respect the views of others) and spiritual reflection (at the end of a Gospel story children are asked to reflect on its message and the choices they will now make to be a better person).

In addition to this extra-curricular children and staff prayer meetings take place regularly to encourage spiritual reflection.

Positive contribution to the community

We constantly promote an understanding of shared responsibility for everyone in our community through numerous activities throughout the year eg the Mini Vinnies group raise money for the Lancaster Shelter for the Homeless, Harvest donations, Lenten charity fundraising for Mission Together, Mary’s Meals Back Pack Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeals.