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In Year Six, the class teacher is Miss Burke

If you need any further information about what is going on in your child’s class, or you would like to discuss anything in more detail, please contact the class teacher directly via email or call the school office for a telephone appointment.


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Y6 Science- Electricity

Y6 Science- Electricity

Year 6 have enjoyed today's science lesson as they were able to revise their knowledge about circuits from Year 4.  They also investigated what would happen to a buzzer, motor and bulb if they added more cells, and took away some cells.

Sycamore Class Worship

Sycamore Class Worship

All children lead class worship at St Bernadette's.  This week's worship group in Year 6 are using Psalm 91 for the theme of Guardian Angels. God loves and cares for us so much. He gives us so many people to care for us and guard us. In the Psalm we also hear that God...