Science intent

At St Bernadette’s our mission is to live out our Gospel values. In science we intend our children to experience awe and wonder about the world around them.

Through our science curriculum we aim to:-

–  Create excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.
–  To enable children at our school is to discover an understanding of the world around them via the scientific disciplines of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
–  To support and encourage children to develop an enquiring mind about the world they inhabit.
–  To equip children with the skills to investigate what happens around them.

To do this we intend to:

– Build up a knowledge and understanding of the three branches of science.
–  Teach the skills of observation, measuring and repetition in practical science.
–  Give children the opportunity to participate in and create practical scientific investigations.
–  Encourage and reward critical and incisive questioning.
–  Ensure that the children build up a comprehensive scientific vocabulary as they go throughschool.
–  Give opportunities for collecting, presenting and analysing data.