Mini Book Swap

Year 3 have decided to take over the running of our Mini Book Exchange near the front garden.  We have turned it over to children’s books.  Year 3 have brought in books from home which they have been happy to donate.

Melitta (Y3) won our news blog competition.

‘We have a new children’s library! Reading is a lovely opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.  Once you start you can’t stop because you will love it.  The mini book exchange is in our front garden, near the path to Apple Class.  Year 3 and Miss Burke are organising this every Monday.  To read you have to take one of your own books you have finished reading and swap it for one in the box.  This is why we are calling it The Book Swap.

It is the best experience.  Please swap a book and enjoy reading!

Thank you’

We must thank again Mr Lewis (Parent of Ellie Y3) who made the little library and is going to give it a bit of a spruce up over the holidays.

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